Supplementary Regulations

Supplementary Regulations for the Phil Collings Memorial South Downs Stages are now available.


We need to make all competitors aware that we have had to make an alteration to the supplementary regulations that were published on the website on Saturday 1st December. The option of paying by PayPal was originally offered but has had to be withdrawn following advice surrounding the fees incurred when paying by PayPal. Earlier in 2018 the law surrounding transaction fees changed and fees incurred for payment options of any given method became the responsibility of the business/event and could not be passed onto the purchaser. With our current costs the event is unable to absorb the fees paypal charge per transaction and so we have regretfully had to withdraw this originally advertised payment option. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


As of December 7th, we are now accepting entries.

Please enter online using the links below or send us a completed entry form by post (download link below).

Regarding how we will accept entries, please pay attention particular attention to SR12.8 and SR12.6 which covers off the fact we receipt entries in order of payment and instructions for those paying by cheque.

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